Actually, a wedding video is priceless! 75% of couples that do not have their wedding video taped express regret and wish they had. Don't be one of those!


Our Packages

Not every item above is included in each package.

(Prices start at $1,000.00 and do not include sales tax.)

Best-- includes all of the below along with a video showing
                  (Optional same day edit of ceremony can be shown at reception)

Better-- for 2-3 camera coverage of pre-ceremony, ceremony and reception
                  (Includes wireless microphone, toasts, and general coverage)

Good-- for single camera pre-ceremony, ceremony and reception and 3 DVDs

Above services can be tailored to your specific needs (Contact us for a Price Quote )


Slide Shows for Events
Starting at $50.00 for a basic show and up to $200 for a major show
A basic show is 3-8 minutes and an average of 7-10 photos per minute

RESCUE--We can help you if:

                       You need your wedding video repaired/produced (amateur taping) or VHS converted to DVD.


Press Releases

The Value of Professional Video


When you choose to invest in a professional videographer , you're honoring the importance of your wedding day. Only a trained and experienced wedding videographer is prepared to capture the details of your special day, from the rush of preparations at the beginning of the day, through the emotional moments of the ceremony, and the excitement of the reception. Afterwards, creative editing will polish your tape artistically and professionally to produce a video (or DVD) that not only documents your day, but is fun and entertaining to watch again and again!

Because your choice of videographers is so vital to the memories you will have after your wedding day ends. Top bridal consultants advise brides to get an early start in the process of selecting their videographer, and to shop based on quality. Placing videography at the top of your priority list also ensures the best chance of securing your first choice, as todays videographers are booked far in advance.

Just like professional photography, pricing for professional videography varies widely, even within the same geographic region. Talent, technology, and time are three key factors which will affect the pricing of your video.

For example, you may find professional videographers in your area using cameras and editing systems that are similar. But it will be their skills, experience, style, and techniques in both shooting and editing that will immediately capture your attention and be the distinguishing differences you will notice in their work. This is why it is virtually impossible to shop by price alone when selecting your videographer. Professional wedding videography is an artistic, not a mechanical medium. Videographers shoot and edit video differently.

Video styles and quality can vary tremendously even within the same community. In order to make an informed decision about the distinguishing differences, and be sure that your videographer can match your preferences, it is best to see actual samples of work produced by the videographer who will be recording your event. When you stop by to see samples, you will also have an ideal opportunity to discuss your wedding details and style preferences before making your final decision.