The following are some comments from our clients.

Now & Forever: What Brides Say About Their Videos

Here are just a few of the actual comments from brides and grooms who have had their wedding documented by a professional.

" Before our wedding, I never realized how important our video would be. It's priceless."

"The video showed so much that I missed at the wedding."

"At first, Sara and I were hesitant to hire a videographer...until we saw the final product and were astounded by its momentum and quality."

"We are so glad we got a professional video. It's better than we ever imagined."


From a bride & groom about their recent wedding

Thank you so much for capturing all of the moments of our wedding day. We are so glad we have this keepsake to look back on for years to come and someday, show our kids. It truly was an unforgettable day and the video you captured ensures we can look back at all of the priceless memories from our "big" day.

Thank you so much for everything! H&R-Madison

From a bride & groom about their recent wedding

Thanks you so much for all you did for us to make our wedding memorable. We are still receiving compliments on the slide show at the reception. Thanks for working with us even when we were "difficult". The videos are awesome and we will be sure to send any future brides and grooms we know your way! K & A-Madison


From the mother of the groom from a recent wedding

Oh my gosh!!!...I think it is the most beautiful video I have ever watched.  (The bride) is so stunningly beautiful and elegant and (The groom) is so incredibly handsome and the two of them together are just beautiful.  Maybe the video is the best part of the wedding - truly a technological masterpiece to pass down to posterity - it really catches the emotions that are just not possible in stills.  I will treasure it for the rest of my life. xx

About the value of a wedding video: 
Adam and I just loved the DVD! It captured everything so well and it was so fun to remember all of the little details that rushed by on the actual day. I am sure it is a priceless video clip. Thanks again for everything, it will be a treasured keepsake forever. M & A-Madison

About the value of a wedding video:
"It was hard for my husband and I to remember EVERY moment of our
special day. With this DVD, we can watch it over and over again and
notice things we never saw before. We still laugh, cry and smile when we
watch it. Hopefully one day our children and our children's children
will do the same when they get to see where it all started. 

Bottom line: I couldn't have asked for more!!" K & B

From the bride and groom on their first anniversary
We watched our wedding video on our first anniversary. The video is awesome! T & S

A groom's mother perspective:
"The day of my son's wedding everyone had a million things on their mind!
It was nice to know that you took over the big task of videotaping! You
were able to capture the moments that we missed and are now able to
enjoy at our leisure! The laughs, the tears, the very special moments,
you captured them all!! I have seen lots of wedding videos but none
have captured the true essence from start to finish of the day that was
so special as yours! I will definitely recommend you!!!" Karen-McFarland